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Refrigerator magnets
MIT News
In addition to the magnetic moments, magnons also conduct heat; from their equations, the MIT researchers found that when exposed to a magnetic field gradient, magnons may be driven to move from one end of a magnet to another, carrying heat with them ...

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Thanks to These Magnetic Brushes, You'll Never Lose Your Makeup Tools Again
Thanks to These Magnetic Brushes, You'll Never Lose Your Makeup Tools Again (Source: Rae Morris/InStyle Magazine)We know the struggle all too well?you're almost done creating the perfect night-out smoky eye, but your trusty blending brush is nowhere ...

Materials difference
Chinook Observer
Second, erase the notion of researchers toiling alone because, as it happens, they're a social lot. Materials science demands the expertise of both physicists and chemists to understand the thermal, optical, magnetic, electrical, mechanical and ...

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The S Africans hitching a one-way ticket to Mars
Earth's magnetic field is the main reason that the planet harbours life ? it acts as a shield against the sun's harsh radiation, which otherwise would kill most biological matter on Earth's surface. Radiation on Mars is seen as a major limitation on ...
Mars, Terraforming, & Earth Design For Climate ChangePatheos (blog)

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Mapping brain activity at scale with cluster computing
Although only demonstrated on calcium imaging data, our tools could also be applied to imaging data from other indicators (e.g., voltage, neurotransmitter), high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), or electrophysiological data and ...


Ultrasonically Propelled Nanorods
Another team of scientists at the University of California San Diego later observed that they could direct the metal rods' forward using a magnetic field. Further studies then demonstrated that these nanomotors could be propelled inside of a ...


#3D: The perfect marketing marriage ? data and big ideas
by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) Let's use the advancement of technologies, the real-time nature of the web and the tools to harvest relationships with our consumers and target them with relevant messages or experiences. ... It was a time when ...

5 Easy Ways To Reorganise Your Kitchen Like A Master Chef
Gizmodo Australia
You're in the middle of a complex recipe, timers are buzzing and pots are boiling over ? now is not the time to be digging through drawers upon drawers of kitchen tools in search of a spatula. Instead condense the tools you use the most ? kitchen ...
5 Easy Ways to Reorganize Your Kitchen Like a Master ChefGizmodo

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Road trip games you make yourself
Because your chalkboard is magnetic, you can also use it for any number of magnetic games without worrying about the pieces rolling all around the car. OR you can make this magnetic puzzle? fine a small puzzle and simply glue magnets onto the back of ...

Home organization: Start with the right tools, get everyone on the same page
Items that your family uses daily (bus passes, gas cards, etc.) can be stored in plain sight on the refrigerator using sturdy magnetic clips. Consider designating one side of the fridge for such items so everyone will know where to look when they need ...

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