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SUPERSONIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of CNC Lathe, Variable Speed Drilling/Milling Machine, Circular Cold Saw, and Magnetic Products. We market our products worldwide to mor ...

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SUPERSONIC is a professional manufacturer of CNC Lathe, Variable Speed Drilling/Milling Machine, Circular Cold Saw, and Magnetic Products. We market our products worldwide to more than 50 countries wh ...

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iFixit Pro Magnetic Project Mat
Designed by fixers, for fixers, the 8?x10? Magnetic Project Mat solves the common repair problem when you drop or misplace an important screw during your job. Spacious and secure, the mat will catch and hold screws as you pull them out of any device!

Ultrasensitive Diamond Magnetometers
Magnetic field measurements are crucial for many applications, including data storage, information processing, and magnetic resonance. One of the most precise tools for assessing magnetic field strength is detection of the energy shifts of atomic ...


Franklin Institute award winners show their stuff
CENTER CITY A ceramic disk, cooled by liquid nitrogen, hovered in the air above a silvery magnet. Nearby, a table was covered with large-scale plastic models of ribosomes, the amorphous, cellular protein factories that are essential to life. Across the ...

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Explainer: How do homing pigeons navigate?
Most attractive and persistent has been the idea that pigeons can use the predictable gradients of intensity and dip-angle in the earth's magnetic field to map their position relative to known values at home. The magnetic map hypothesis is attractive ...

2015 Ford Mustang order guide hints at key options
Automotive News
According to the guide, the 2015 color palette includes competition orange, avalanche gray, triple yellow, deep-impact blue, magnetic metallic, race red, black and oxford white. Under the ... the order guide below. Use the tools in the corner to scroll ...

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Audi TT Offroad concept packs 408 hybrid horsepower, yet returns 123 mpg
Autoblog (blog)
... both in and out of the car, and a cabin ionizer to remove allergens from the cabin atmosphere. And, when owners tire of driving the TT Offroad Concept, they may tool around with a 1:8-scale radio-controlled car kept in a custom storage box in the ...
2014 Beijing: Audi spins an all-road version off of its TT coupe for ChinaeGMCarTech

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Wisdom in the Marketplace
Over the next number of weeks, I will focus on many new insights, learning and tools, as related to the workplace, family, home, community and life as a whole. ... SENSITIVITY TO ENERGY: All of life and creation is about being atomic, electric and ...

Station Crew Set to Conduct Spacewalk and Release Cargo Ship
Space Fellowship
The trio also set up the Quest airlock, where they will stage their excursion, and readied spacewalk tools. Known as a ... Science work included observing the veins of a crew member's legs, studying macroparticles in a magnetic field and Earth ...

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