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Kingsbury Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of premier quality special- purpose high production metalcutting, assembly equipment, turning, and machining centers. For over a century, the Kingsbury name has been synonymous with quality, durability and reliability in a wide range of products for the automobile, appliance and aerospace industries.
The Kingsbury name is synonymous with the flexibility and lean manufacturing that allows our customers to reshape production lines and move entire manufacturing systems from site-to-site to meet production needs. From ball screws to linear motors, Kingsbury adapts the world's leading technologies to produce agile manufacturing systems for global competition.
Parts machined and assembled by Kingsbury manufacturing systems are in the cars you drive, the jets you fly on, and in the appliances you use every day. When customers come to Kingsbury, they receive the solutions they need to manufacture the world's best products, including engine components, refrigerators, transmissions, brakes, lawn mowers, power tools, electric motors, steering systems, drive trains, and more.
Over the last 104 years, Kingsbury machines have evolved from the simple Friction Drive Drilling Machine, which drilled axle holes in toy auto wheels, to large rotaries 20 feet in diameter and straight line machines well over 100 feet long. Our market has grown to cover the globe.
Kingsbury is based in a 30,000 square meter (320,000 square foot) plant in Keene, New Hampshire, housing the corporate offices, extensive assembly areas and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for all Kingsbury product lines. There are additional facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, and China.
Superb craftsmanship remains the key our success. It is our tie to the past, and the key to our future.

Last updated on 09-12-2006.

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